State watchdog agency to investigate psychiatric research at University of Minnesota

“After a series of reports from the Fox 9 Investigators, Minnesota’s legislative auditor will turn his eye to review 10 years of drug trials conducted by the University of Minnesota’s Department of Psychiatry.

After a second patient came forward about his experience, state lawmakers sent a letter to Jim Nobles and asked him to take action.

‘We believe it is important to know how many subjects have died or been seriously injured in psychiatric research studies undertaken at the University,’ the letter read in part.

Nobles told FOX 9 News he will launch an investigation that looks at the past decade of drug trials — including the case of Dan Markingson, a research subject who died trying to decapitate himself.

‘Partly because of some of the reporting you’ve been doing, there has been heightened concern about what has happened at the University and the lack of openness by the University about what has happened,’ Nobles explained.”

The Fox 9 story is here.  You can find additional coverage on MPR and in the Minnesota Daily.


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