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2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Ellen Liversidge says:

    Carl – Please give me contact information for Mary (snail mail) as I so want to write to her…she and I (as I’ve discussed with you) have been in touch over the years, as I also lost my only son to a psych. drug (Zyprexa),…he was 39. Thank you very much.

    Ellen Liversidge

  2. Susan Tardif says:

    Dear Mary, Mike and Carl,

    I am a psychiatric survivor and want to thank you all and let you know that I send thoughts to you of peace, love and respect everyday. The fact that you have persisted in pursuing justice for Dan and the rest of us harmed and dead at the hands of psychiatry is not lost on any of us who have learned about Dan’s experience. I do not believe that the University of Minnesota is an isolated case. Here in Canada, we have community treatment orders (forced drugging) and there are university affiliated psychiatric hospitals that do clinical research with anti-psychotics that look scarily close to the University of Minnesota’s first episode psychosis research. I have had my own experience and heard many survivor’s stories that corroborate this. As an oppressed group, we are down there with prisoners when it comes to a complete lack of control over our own bodies and inability to make our voices heard as we can easily be written off as “not knowing we are ill” or just simply crazy. This makes it extremely threatening to come forward and attempt to be heard as once we have a diagnosis written in our medical history, we are easy targets for retribution and re-traumatization.

    All this to say that we are actively working here in Montreal to create alternatives to affect change for people experiencing distress, trauma and extreme states and Dan is a huge part of this. Had we not attended Carl’s lecture, we would not be doing what we are doing. For this, I am so very grateful.

    I am deeply sorry for your loss and the continuing trauma that the University of Minnesota is putting you through.

    I wish you peace somewhere in all of this.

    Much respect.

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