In March 2013, Mary Weiss and Mike Howard launched an online petition with asking Governor Mark Dayton to appoint an external panel to investigate the death of Dan Markingson and other possible research misconduct at the University of Minnesota.  In only the first few months the petition was signed by over 2500 people, including many University of Minnesota alumni, faculty members, former patients and their families, and hundreds of experts in research ethics from all over the world.  Those experts included three former editors of The New England Journal of Medicine, the founder of The Hastings Center, the editor of The Lancet, a former editor of The British Medical Journal, the executive director of the Public Citizen Health Research Group, and the former Health and Disability Commissioner of New Zealand.

You can sign the petition at this link.


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  1. […] the Medical Journal of Australia has compared the Markingson case to the Tuskegee syphilis study. A petition calling on Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton to investigate has gotten support from leading medical […]

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