Come the revolution

Well, I have to confess that I was astonished by the crowd packed into the auditorium for yesterday’s presentation on the Markingson case (and the Swanson case) in the medical school.  I know it can’t have been terribly comfortable for all those people sitting on the stairs and standing along the walls, but I was pleased to see it anyway.  Even more gratifying was the support of the crowd, which was overwhelmingly on the side of justice.  There have not been many high points in the battles over this case, but yesterday’s event was one of them. It almost felt as if the revolution is coming.

We all owe a special thanks to Mike Howard and Kathy Swanson for having the courage to come to the medical school and speak out so forcefully.  I only wish that Mary Weiss could have been there.

We passed around a sign-up sheet for people who may be able to help with a protest, vigil or another as-yet-to-be-determined action surrounding the next meeting of the Board of Regents on May 8-9.  If you’d like to help and didn’t get your name on the sheet, get in touch with me here or through the Facebook page, Community Alliance for Ethics in Minnesota Psychiatry.

Onward. Or, as they used to say in Durban: Amandla!


One thought on “Come the revolution

  1. thomashussman says:

    The FBI has a group of agents who are assigned to the task of investigating corruption by public officials.

    The University of Minnesota’s leadership consists of various people: bankers, lawyers, etc. Public money, in addition to other types of money are intended by the public, to be used in legal, moral, and ethical ways, by all employees at Minnesota’s most prestigous public institution.

    When obvious unethical uses occur, accountability must proceed. If certain individuals need to depart from the University for failing in these areas, then they should leave now.

    If others require criminal prosecution, then the public expects there to be criminal prosecution. There is nothing unique about sending a doctor or a bureaucrat to prison. Even lawyers and judges can and do, sometimes go to prison. I have very sound research indicating that “professionals” make some of our nations best, and most well behaved inmates.

    Today, we, the public, are peering into an old case of obvious misconduct, where significant amounts of money was involved. Certain people received political appointments during and after the CAFE study, that appear strange. Others won’t answer questions, and still others have simply left the scene of the crime.

    A former FBI supervisor from the public corruption squad once said, “ah yes, the truth, it is such a beautiful thing.”

    The truth about the Markingson matter is on display for public review. The age of truth, does not change the truth, Mr. Rotenberg.

    Thomas Hussman

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