Please ask donors to stop funding the University of Minnesota

First, thanks to all of you who have called Governor Dayton or the University of Minnesota’s Board of Regents. We are very grateful for your help in demanding action to protect research subjects at the university. Today, we are rolling out the second phase of our campaign, and we need to ask for your help again.

If we are going to get action, we need to hit the university where it hurts: the wallet. Over the past week, some of us have begun writing to major donors. We are asking them to consider ending their donations to the university unless the administration takes action to protect psychiatric research subjects. We hope you will consider doing the same.

At this link, you will find a list of major donors, along with addresses, phone numbers, and in some cases, email addresses. We would like for you to write, call or email them. (Note: please take the Honeywell Foundation off the list.)  Of course, you are entirely free to compose your own letter or email. But if you need help, we have prepared a template for a letter or email that you can find at this link.

You might also want to send copies of articles about the Dan Markingson scandal and other issues. Among the articles you might consider are:

Making a Killing, Carl Elliott, Mother Jones

Patient’s suicide forces belated university investigation, David Cyranoski, Nature

The U of M should thoroughly investigate issues in the Markingson case, Leigh Turner, MinnPost

Pay no attention to the bloody corpse in the bathroom, Carl Elliott, Medium

A Clinical Trial and Suicide Leave Many Questions: Part 5: The Case of the Mysteriously Appearing Documents, Judy Stone, Scientific American

Will the U review or whitewash a research subject’s death?, Matt Lamkin et al, Minneapolis Star Tribune

For the sake of efficiency, we would like to keep track of which donors have been contacted. So when you call or write to a donor, please leave a comment on this post or send an email to me at my university email address.

Again, thank you very much. It has been a hard battle, and we could not have fought it for so long without your help.

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9 thoughts on “Please ask donors to stop funding the University of Minnesota

  1. Katherine Jaconello says:

    To the public: Please enter into this campaign with all your heart. You will not only be helping the people in your state but also the people in Canada. Recently, the Ontario government gave $20 million to the “Medical Psychiatry Alliance” – CAMH (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, our mental hospital, University of Toronto, and Sick Children’s Hospital). A “philanthropist” who wants to remain anonymous gave $20 million, too. They are developing deep brain stimulation for the elderly and for people with depression (called “brain repair” by the CEO) and promoting the use of psychiatric drugs so that Canada is now the leader in the world in the consumption of those drugs. They are promoting the use of electroconvulsive shock on pregnant women to family doctors. We have proof that in the late 40s, a certain monster from the Auschwitz concentration camp (if you are over 50, think of the worst Nazi doctor and you have his name) was brought to Quebec by the premier, Maurice Duplessis, to have free reign on 100,000 orphans to make them mental patients and guinea pigs. They are called the Duplessis orphans. If you want to, you can read “Petition to the Vatican by the Duplessis Orphans”. If you have any doubts as to what government in tandem with psychiatry can and will do to people, and be able to cover it up for decades, read that petition. History is repeating itself now with the Medical Psychiatry Alliance unleashed on our children. We have this chance to express our power. Let’s do it!

  2. Britt Johnson says:

    I will be sending out letters to all of the donors on your list.

  3. Just sent emails to the 9 donors who have email addresses.

    • Terrific, thanks very much for that.

      • Tod Minnich at Honeywell Foundation wrote back to say Honeywell has never funded research at UMinn. Well, of course not. Pharmaceutical companies fund the research. In his reasoning, because he doesn’t fund the research directly, there’s no reason to hold UMinn responsible for its behavior. Maybe he would listen to you if you nicely pointed this out. He also asked to be removed from the mailing list.

  4. S Parry says:

    I sent emails to the donors with email addresses and will print and mail to the others.

  5. thomashussman says:

    Rotenberg is at it again. Lawyer Mark Rotenberg has been identified by secret sources from back east, for his involvement in the practice of examining another horse’s teeth. It is true. The famous doctor of law, who oversaw the private viewings of several dental records for some of Minnesota’s fastest horses, has been implicated in looking another gift horse in the mouth. The incident occurred after a willing horse was throttled, and forced to run further than any horses in recent history. The poor horse agreed to run in excess of 1 million furlongs, but Rotenberg, who has experience in the use of nano tooth extraction, scared the horse to death. The horse was revived, and was immediately ordered to get up and run the required 4 million furlongs. Rotenberg was observed, in celebratory mode, as he put the horse in a headlock, and began pulling the horse’s teeth with his bare hands, while muttering something about looking at the teeth whenever he wanted to.

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